At our Mineral World shops outlets at Simon’s Town and the V&A Waterfront, you will find an incredible range of gemstone items from inexpensive souvenir items to genuine collectors items and investment gems. Since a large proportion of the items originate from the Topstones factory on the same premises in Simon’s Town, these are true gemstone “factory shops”!

Our highly experienced staff can assist you in finding whatever gemstone item you heart desires, and items in stock include:

  • A fine range of jewellery, including gold and silver jewellery and facetted stones. Many of our facetted stones are cut on our premises (South African law forbids the sale of uncut diamonds).
  • Gemstone carvings (animals, birds, fish, faces and other items) and ethnic-art items in a wide range of gemstone materials.
  • Gem trees in all stone types and sizes
  • Gemstone gifts, souveniers and personal-use items such as keyrings, bracelets, pendants, home décor items, ornaments, etc.
  • Gifts-for-Men, including executive games made from gemstones
  • Rough, natural gemstones and mineral specimens from our Rock Shop, including some unusual collector’s items and “conversation pieces”
  • Loads of inexpensive items that make ideal take-home-gifts for family and friends.


In short … it’s the kind of place that you will find something of appeal for everyone and for literally every budget!



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