African Pyrite Rough – 0.925kg


African Pyrite is a gorgeous form of Pyrite crystal that has flecks of Pyrite scattered all over a black or dark grey matrix. The flash of Pyrite against it’s darker background makes African Pyrite an absolutely fascinating stone to look at!

Pyrite has an incredibly unique energy mix that makes it a lovely crystal to have on or nearby you at all times. It is a powerful protection stone that works with both your energetic body and your physical body to block and protect you from negative vibrations. It helps to stimulate the mind and heightens self-esteem, subtly taking away any kind of ‘nervousness’ you may have about certain situations. This then allows your mind and spirit to see the real potential and worth within yourself, and Pyrite will help you to hold onto that feeling and grow it even more, until you are full of optimism, hope, confidence and inspiration! Pyrite also offers energy that attracts abundance, prosperity, joy and spiritual awareness and evolution.

Our African Pyrite offers all of the above energies mentioned, as well as an added kick of protection due to it’s darker colour and connection to the Earth. This means that along with the amazing properties of Pyrite, you will have added grounding and protection energies with our African Pyrite!

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