Ancestralite Wand

Ancestralite is a crystal that is packed full of powerful energy and deep ancient wisdom. Made up of a mixture of Haematite, Red Jasper and an amazing stone called Martite (the earliest manifestation stone to form on this planet), Ancestralite is sure to fill you with an amazingly unique energy that you’ve never experienced before!

Ancestralite is an incredible stone to use for better grounding, healing, protection and working through ancestral/karmic cycles. It’s beautiful energy aids in clearing and cleansing of yourself and your personal space, allowing you to learn how to release what you don’t need and how to welcome in the new with warm, open arms. Ancestralite helps to bring balance and harmony to both our light and shadow sides, which in turn will help to make us feel more whole and connected to ourselves and the world around us. It is also considered a fantastic crystal for manifesting, due to its ancient roots and powerful wisdom!

These Ancestralite wands come in sizes of 8-10cm long or 12-14cm long, and are the perfect tool to use while working on healing and growing through ancestral or karmic cycles. It can also be used to instil the energy of Ancestralite into whatever object or person you are working with! Wands can be used to direct and move energy into specific targeted areas.

The price indicated is for ONE (1) Ancestralite crystal wand. Please note which size you are choosing as they are two separate prices.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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8cm-10cm, 12cm-14cm

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