black obsidian rough – 1.905kg


A beautifully, shiny, raw piece of Black Obsidian showing a little bit of natural ‘skin’. Weighing 1.905kgs with a length of 14cm and a width of 13cm.
The outer layer of natural, rough Black Obsidian is dull and matte, once this is broken away, we are able to see the glassy shine. This piece shows the best of the inner and outer of this exquisite piece!

Obsidian is lustrous volcanic glass formed in the flaming core of the earth and transported to the surface in volcanic eruptions. Also called lava glass, obsidian is fairly fragile.

Black Obsidian acts as a shield, protecting one against emotional and physical harm.

Chakra: Root
Hardness: 5 – 5.5

You are purchasing the one (1) piece of rough Black Obsidian in the picture.

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Weight 2.205 kg