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Give the gift of Cave Golf with this voucher that can be redeemed at the Simon’s Town and V & A waterfront branch. Please put the recipients details in the ORDER NOTES box.

R40 per player. Maximum 4 players per team.



Give a gift of Cave Golf! Please add the recipients details (name, phone number and email) in the ORDER NOTES BOX, they will need to show ID to redeem the voucher.
Please send the order form to them.

The Cave Golf course at the V&A (at the Scratch Patch, near the Aquarium) has become very popular with visitors to Cape Town’s world famous “waterfront”.

This 18-hole mini-golf layout is fun to play, and despite being relatively short and compact, it’s well-designed and challenging enough to be enjoyed even by regular golfers.

It’s also indoors, so can be played and enjoyed in any weather!

The recent Simon’s Town Cave Golf layout is longer and more spacious than its popular V&A sister-course.

This highly-rated, fun and challenging 18-hole course meanders downwards from the back of the Scratch Patch and through a series of underground areas that feature rock walls, some highly imaginative cave and mine obstacles and ancient relics, an underground waterfall, and fabulous mineral displays that are embedded in the surrounding rock just as they were originally discovered. There’s even a section that is lit only by UV light, and each hole has been thoughtfully designed and constructed, and carefully finished to a very high standard. And people of all ages love it!

A round of Cave golf is R35 per player. Maximum of 4 players per team.

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