Celestite Geode – 0.740kg


Celestite, also known as Celestine, is a beautiful crystal that radiates sooth, calming energy from the second you lay eyes on it. It’s an incredible crystal of great tranquility, peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Celestite works very closely with our throat, third eye and crown chakras, which immediately lets us know that this is a very high vibrational stone. Celestite helps us to unlock and awaken our inner psychic abilities and bring them to our conscious life. It provides a very gentle and soothing energy that is hard to miss, and it helps us to maintain mental clarity so that we are able to make clearer and better decisions for ourselves. Celestite is said to help boost communication with your spirit guides and guardian angels, allowing us to see and understand messages and signs at a much higher vibrational frequency. This stone is incredible at raising your spiritual awareness and psychic abilities in a gentle way, which must be why it’s such a special favourite within the crystal and spiritual community!

This Celestite Geode features two open pockets to glimpse into the shiny, glimmering cave of blue crystals within. It is certainly an eye-catching piece and, since it’s able to stand up on it’s own, would make an incredible addition to your crystal collection – whether for practical use or just for some homely decoration!

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Weight 0.740 kg