Chrysocolla Slab


This one of a kind, vibrant green and blue Chrysocolla slab comes from Peru and measures 79x89x13mm.
it comes with a clear plastic stand for easy display. it would work as a beautiful, natural pop of colour on a mantelpiece or desk.
Chrysocolla occurs in various shades of blue and green and is often mixed with quartz and other copper based minerals such as Malachite and Azurite.

Chrysocolla is a tranquil stone also known as the Woman’s stone as it is believed to be beneficial for all women’s gynaecological problems from puberty to menopause. Many mothers hold Chrysocolla in their hands while giving birth in the belief it will aid a healthy birth.
Helps to allay fears in cases of emotional instability and brings greater inner strength.

Chakra: throat
mohs hardness: 2 – 4

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