Copper Sphere


Copper is not considered a mineral, but rather an element within the periodic table. It is a soft, malleable metal with strong conductivity, and can be found everywhere around the world. It is a key component in other minerals such as Turquoise, Malachite, Shattuckite and Covellite.

Copper is used everywhere in modern society, such as for plumbing, technological or medical uses. It is also said to have quite amazing healing effects on the physical body when wearing copper, such as helping with arthritis and back and neck pain. Copper is an all-around healer of the physical body and the auric body. It enhances our emotional field and helps us to ground higher vibrations into our physical reality, which in turn helps us to work towards and achieve our highest goals and dreams with determination and motivation. Copper ignites our personal magic and spark within, and can truly help to bring it out into the world with an explosive and confident bang!

These beautiful Copper spheres are perfect to use to help fill your space or energy with the healing properties that Copper provides! Approximately 4x4x4cm in size.

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