Crystal Runes


Runes are a fantastic form of magic that will help you to tap into connecting with your higher self and spirit guides to receive guidance and messages. It is a beautiful and powerful form of divination that can give you a clearer outlook on your life and current mind-set.

Much like reading Tarot cards, rune casting isn’t fortune-telling or predicting the future. It is instead seen as an ancient guidance tool that works with your subconscious to help solve problems by looking at different potential outcomes. The symbols engraved on each rune has a specific meaning and representation, which is briefly explained in the small information booklet that comes along with this set. Since the runes are made on Clear Quartz crystals, the energies of the symbols are amplified and made stronger through the powerful energy of Clear Quartz.

With this purchase, you will receive ONE rune pouch for storage, Clear Quartz engraved Rune stones and an information booklet to help get you started on your Rune journey! GREAT for beginners and practiced individuals!

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