Elite Shungite Pendant


Shungite is an incredible stone to use for powerful purification and grounding. Northwest Russia is where the largest and oldest source of Shungite lies, with other deposits reported in Austria, India, Kazakhstan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is a Root chakra stone.

Shungite is a brilliant stone to use to ground yourself or get rid of unwanted and stagnant energy that no longer serves you, as well as bringing to light any impurities within your environment, relationships or own personal self that may need to be addressed and worked on. It gives you the energy and clarity of mind to understand and work through these faults in a positive and healing way. Not only does it purify the energy of people and spaces, but it is also very well-known that Shungite is able to remove and purify toxins and impurities inside water! Shungite harnesses yin energy, which will help you to open up your heart and allow yourself to be more vulnerable and honest with yourself and your inner feelings, and those of the people around you!

Elite Shungite (also known as ‘Noble Shungite’) is considered the highest quality Shungite due to the fact that it is made up of 90% carbon, is shiny in appearance and is recovered manually as opposed to through industrial mining. Elite Shungite is said to have a stronger healing energy than regular Shungite, which is matte black and made up of about 50% carbon.

These Elite Shungite pendants are gorgeously unique and will definitely leave you feeling grounded and purified while wearing it!

You will receive ONE (1) Elite Shungite pendant with this purchase. PENDANT ONLY.

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