Emerald Rough Crystal


Emerald is a beautiful, deep green crystal that is a member of the Beryl family of stones. It is a translucent to transparent crystal, and is considered a very hard stone (which means it won’t break too easily!). The green of Emerald is often compared to greens that you would find in forests and nature during the period of maximum growth. The colour of Emerald can vary slightly, ranging from deep green to a yellowish, paler shade of green. These Emerald crystals are in their natural raw formation.

Emerald is a stone of the heart because it symbolizes mercy, compassion, and universal love. It is a representation of all the wonderful things in this world and how they’re all interconnected through love! Emerald is aligned with the vibration of the Heart chakra, and it helps to bring balance and peace to all aspects of life, especially when it comes to the emotions that we face. It helps to eliminate negativity and inspire positive change and action. It is also considered a great crystal for manifesting. Emerald supports strength of character and the ability to cope with life’s misfortunes. It is a good stone for regeneration and recovery, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. It is a stone full of energy, positivity and hope, and its main goal is to encourage us to enjoy life to the fullest!

The image provided is a typical example of this product and the price indicated is for ONE (1) Emerald rough chunk crystal. Each chunk is roughly 2cm in size.

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