Green & Red Garnet in Limestone Pyramid


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This is an incredible piece to showcase the gemmy quality of Green Garnet which is not as readily available as the red variety. The deep forest-green has a slight shimmer to it when looking at it in certain angles.

Garnet is a deeply creative and loving crystal, and can be found in many different forms and colours. It’s also found in many different places throughout the world, such as India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and more!

This gemstone works with our Root, Solar Plexus and Heart chakras, and is amazing at making you feel confident, powerful and sincere! No matter what colour it is, Garnet is known for its ability to enhance sexual prowess, and is also considered the ‘Stone of Commitment’, making it perfect to use for anything related to relationships. It can help to ground you, as Garnet is an incredibly grounding stone, which leaves you less likely to fall into thought patterns of self-doubt and jealousy. Its uplifting energy will leave you feeling warm, inspired, powerful and supported.

Limestone is a Root chakra stone and is made up of clay, sand, iron oxide and Calcite-rich organic remains. It’s regarded as an ‘assisting stone’ in crystal healing, which means that it helps to enhance the healing properties of other stones and crystals around it, as well as encouraging purification and playful innocence while keeping us grounded and centered with positive thoughts.

Height: 3.5cm
Width: 4cm
Weight: 75 grams

You are purchasing the one Garnet in Limestone Pyramid in the picture.

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