Kids DIY Rainbow Bracelet Kit


Let the kiddies make up their own unique, handmade bracelets!

Included in this kit:
12 x 6mm pastel rainbow coloured Cat’s Eye beads
14 x 6mm White Howlite beads
1 x White elastic bracelet thread
1 x copper wire bead needle


  1. Set beads out in a tray or plate with a lip so they can’t roll off
  2. Unwrap elastic thread
  3. Place wire-needle in the middle of the elastic thread and fold the thread in half so it is doubled when inserted into the beads (double threading) for added strength
  4. Use the wire needle as a guide to thread through the bead holes
  5. Once you have all the beads on the elasticated thread, tie a double knot with the end and beginning of the bracelet

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