Large Rough Chunky Amazonite


Amazonite is an incredibly beautiful stone that shows off beautiful green-blue colours, and can be found in many different parts of the world such as parts of Brazil, Colorado and Virginia in the United States, Australia and Madagascar. It has been found in many different shades of its colour, which range between pale green, green-blue, deep blue and turquoise.

Nicknamed the ‘Stone of Hope’, Amazonite is known to motivate deep cleansing and emotional healing for heart, mind, body and soul. Its connection to the element of water strongly ties it to our emotions and learning how to balance and keep our feelings in a healthy state. It does this by helping to realign our chakras and balancing our masculine and feminine energies with harmony. It’s a fantastic crystal for artists who feel like they have been on a creative block, because it inspires creativity, inspiration and clarity of thought. This also makes it an incredible crystal to use for clearing out any ‘brain fog’ you may feel, especially when it comes to overuse of technology.

This Amazonite piece is approximately 10cm in length and 5.5cm in height. You are purchasing the exact item pictured above.

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