Lemurian Quartz Pendant


Lemurian Quartz is a special variety of Clear Quartz that is mainly found in Colombia and a specific region of Brazil. Believed to have been left behind by an ancient race (the Lemurian race, which is how it got its name), the use of these crystals is said to give an energy of travelling back in time to that ancient race to receive their endless and ancient spiritual wisdom.

The power of Lemurian Quartz can help us to amplify our own energy, as well as to form a stronger connection to our higher selves, spirit guides and guardian angels. It can help to increase and awaken your spirituality more, in a gentle and loving way. The energy of the ancient Lemurian race is very soft and very spiritual, which is the same energy that these crystals will bring into your life if you allow them to. This will allow you to open yourself up more to the energy of the divine feminine, and the oneness of the universe and all things on it.

These Lemurian Quartz pendants are perfect to have if you want to make up your own Lemurian necklace, which will provide you with the most magical and spiritual energy throughout your day!

With this purchase, you will receive ONE (1) Lemurian Quartz pendant.

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