Leo Zodiac Pack


Our Leo zodiac packs offer you a fiery and confident burst of energy to re-spark the beautiful fire in your soul! In this pack, we have included five beautiful hand-picked tumbled stones (Golden Tigers Eye, Sunstone, Banded Carnelian, Pyrite and Clear Quartz) that help to boost and amplify bright, shining energy – all in relation to the zodiac sign of Leo.

As well as the tumbled crystals, we have included a mini information sheet explaining the unique energy that each crystal provides and how this will be of help to you, all wrapped up in a drawstring pouch for safe-keeping. A perfect gift for that special Leo someone in your life, or as a small treat for yourself.


  • Tumbled Golden Tigers Eye
  • Tumbled Sunstone
  • Tumbled Banded Carnelian
  • Tumbled Pyrite
  • Tumbled Clear Quartz
  • Mini Leo crystal information sheet
  • Drawstring Pouch
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