Magnetite Specimen


Magnetite is an iron-oxide mineral that can be found in a number of different localities around the world which include Portugal, Australia, Bolivia, Sweden, France, Canada, Chile and the USA. It is the most magnetic mineral in the entire crystal kingdom, and it is believed that it provided ancient civilisations with their first introduction to magnetism.

Magnetite is an incredibly powerful stone that activates the entire chakra system, and helps to keep one grounded and connected to the Earth around them. Magnetite helps attract the energy you put out into the world, and is here to provide one with a “reflection” of themselves. It is also considered to be a fantastic protection stone that provides a ‘steel curtain’ around your energetic body and aura, which will help to keep negative experiences and feelings away. Magnetite energies are strong enough to attract love, joy, positivity and compassion to any space that needs healing. It is also said to be an incredible manifestation stone, and it will attract and enhance your intentions and goals in life, allowing you to focus and work towards those goals with passion, intention and purpose.

These Magnetite specimens are incredible due to the fact that you can physically see and play around with this stones magnetism. While the base rock is magnetic, there are also smaller magnetic pieces that stick and move around the base crystal while you play with it. Incredible fun and so fascinating to watch!

With this purchase, you will receive ONE (1) Magnetite specimen. Each Magnetite piece is approximately 3-5cm in size.

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