Mermaid Aura Quartz Rough Chunky Necklace


Aura Quartz crystals are gorgeously bright with beautiful rainbow gleams all over, and are truly a blend of both the scientific and magical worlds! They are usually made up of a Quartz base crystal which has been dyed and heat treated to enhance the colour and add that rainbow shine!

Aura Quartz can help to amplify, balance and harmonise the energies of our aura, allowing us to expand our own physical and spiritual consciousness. By doing this, we allow a flow of spiritual energy to come into our lives, which can help with improving meditation, past life work and connecting with your spirit guides and guardian angels. It also helps to awaken and enhance psychic abilities and memory recall, as well as inspiring confidence, inspiration and strength. Aura Quartz heals and balances all chakras, and helps to bring balance and guidance into our lives with its gorgeous rainbow glow!

These necklaces are on a wax chord that are about 25cm in length. Crystals are approximately 3-4cm in length.

With this purchase, you will receive ONE (1) Mermaid Aura Quartz Chunky Necklace.

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