Pyrite Pyramid


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Pyrite is a crystal of great passion, fire and protection that has a brassy colouring and metallic luster similar to gold. Because of this, it has also been given the name “Fools Gold”. It is mainly found in Namibia, Peru, Spain, Mexico, and Canada, and is named after the Greek word ‘Pyr’, which translates to fire – although, funnily enough, Pyrite is mainly associated with the element of Earth.

Pyrite’s greatest strength is providing protection to your spiritual and energetic/emotional body, as well as making you feel strong, confident and passionate about the things you believe in. It focuses mainly on channelling masculine energy, which helps to build strength and stamina within all aspects of your life. It inspires abundant positivity and creative expression, urging you to go out there and show the world exactly what you have to offer with excitement and confidence, and no fear of being held back because you ‘aren’t good enough’. It is closely associated with the Zodiac sign Leo, and works mainly with the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. Pyrite reignites the fire within our souls in a beautifully passionate way, encouraging and motivating us to live the life we were born to live no matter what!

Each point and corner of this Pyrite Pyramid has been brilliantly polished and kept in tact. A very solid piece with only two little cluster caves as shown in the image.

Height: 3.5cm
Width: 4cm
Weight: 100 grams

You are purchasing the Pyrite Pyramid in the picture.

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