Rhodochrosite Tumble Pendant


Rhodochrosite is a beautiful heart chakra stone that is found all over the world, although Colorado is home to some of the best Rhodochrosite available!

With its stunning shades of pink, it should come as no surprise that Rhodochrosite is a crystal that works very closely with the heart and matters that relate to the heart. This includes things such as romance, love, emotional healing and self-care. It has been given the nickname “Stone of the Compassionate Heart” due to its ability to break down walls that have been built up around the heart. This allows us to work and grow through any past traumas that have been forgotten about or have not been dealt with at all that we’ve hidden and locked away inside of our subconscious. By doing this, we will become more empathetic and caring towards others. It also encourages more love energy to flow into our life in loads of different ways!

Rhodochrosite has the ability to get rid of any unpleasant/negative energy and replace it with a much more cheery and appreciative energy. It can also enhance our passions and sense of personal power, our sexuality, and our inner confidence that is just waiting to be let out!

These Rhodochrosite Tumble pendants are perfect if you’re looking for that extra oomph of love, passion and confidence in your everyday life! Choose between a smaller or bigger pendant size to suit your own personal style and uniqueness!

With this purchase, you will be receiving ONE (1) Rhodochrosite Tumble pendant of your choice in size. Please note that this is a pendant only, and not a necklace.

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