Rose Quartz Chakra Point Pendulum


Pendulums are great tools to use for divination and to receive guidance and answers from your higher self and spirit guides/angels. This pendulum has a pointed tip and chakra stones resting against the Rose Quartz crystal, which will help to connect you to your higher self and guides more easily, as well as providing amazing insight and answers for your questions while keeping your chakras balanced, open and flowing.

Rose Quartz is most commonly known for its gorgeous shades of pink and its amazing energy of complete and utter love. One of the most popular crystals within the crystal community today, Rose Quartz is a go-to for beginners and advanced crystal practitioners, healers and enthusiasts. Rose Quartz is linked to the heart chakra and is associated with the zodiac Taurus.

With this purchase, you will receive ONE (1) Rose Quartz Chakra Point Pendulum. Chain is approximately 16cm long.

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