Mini Rose Quartz Standing Point


Rose Quartz is most commonly known for its gorgeous shades of pink and its amazing energy of complete and utter love. One of the most popular crystals within the crystal community today, Rose Quartz is a go-to for beginners and advanced crystal practitioners, healers and enthusiasts. Rose Quartz is linked to the heart chakra and is associated with the zodiac Taurus.

Rose Quartz is an extremely gentle, soothing and healing crystal that focuses its energy on helping to realize one’s own self-worth, and that we should love ourselves just as we are! Although many people believe that Rose Quartz is used to attract outer love and romantic relationships, the main goal of Rose Quartz energy is to find, grow and nurture the love that you have for yourself! This helps to make us feel more confident, happy and in love within ourselves, which in turn promotes love of all kinds to be attracted to our energy! Rose Quartz has a gentle, compassionate energy like no other crystal, and will make you feel comforted and at home at all times that you are connected with it. It encourages us to connect more and be more compassionate towards ourselves and the people around us, as well as helping to heal emotional wounds and connect us to goddess energy in the most soothing way imaginable.

You are purchasing ONE (1) Mini Rose Quartz Standing Point. Each point is 5cm in height and 1.8cm in length, while weighing 30g.

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