Runestones in Pouch


Only set!

Rune Stones are a tool to help you find the answers to the questions that you have been looking for. It guides your thoughts to your hidden emotions, dreams and ambitions. Once you have discerned what it is you want, you are in a better position to influence your own future goals and destiny.

There are 24 Tigers Eye Rune Stones in this set which are packed in a black velvet pouch. Including a booklet describing each Rune Stone’s meaning.

How Runes can be used

Lay a cloth on the table; this is your ; background’against which you cast your Rune Stones. Draw three circles on the cloth so that there is an inner, middle and outer circle. Inner circle represents ‘self’, middle circle represents ‘influences’ and outer circle represents ‘future events’. You can cast as many Rune Stones as you want but it is usual to cast six stones. Shake the Rune Stones in the Bag well and at the same time ask yourself the question in your mind, pick out six Rune Stones and drop them against your background. Where they land will give you the guide you require to interpret their message.


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