Spirit Quartz Crystal Cluster


Spirit Quartz, also known as cactus or porcupine quartz because of its unique formation, is found only in the Magaliesberg Mountains in South Africa. Tiny faceted crystal points surround a single large terminated point. The most common type of Spirit Quartz is a variety which can vary from a pale lavender to a deep purple, Amethyst Spirit Quartz. Although Citrine, Smoky and Clear Quartz are also found.

This piece has a lively cluster of sparkly crystal points in a delicate purple hue.

Weight: 0.345kgs
Size: 11x6cm

Spirit Quartz opens and activates the Crown Chakra helping to align and bring balance to all Chakras. It will encourage insightful, lucid dreams. To improve dream recall keep your Spirit Quartz on your bedside table.

Chakra: Crown
Hardness: 7 – 7.5


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