Starry Jasper Rough – 3.130kg


Starry Jasper, also known as Star-Burst Jasper and occasionally Firework Jasper, is an incredible type of Jasper that usually features a brown/black background with orange or cream flecks against it that look like little stars or star bursts. It’s uniqueness is what makes it such a fascinating crystal to take a look at – you will never run out of stars to find!

Starry Jasper, like most forms of Jasper, is an amazing crystal to work with when you need energy that feels both comforting and nurturing. This crystal helps us to balance our emotional energy, and encourages us to find and bring joy into not only our own lives, but to the lives of all those around us as well – humans, animals, plants and everything in-between! It helps us to to find a better understanding of our place in the world, all while providing us with the energy to clear any foggy or negative thoughts to have a more positive outlook. With its amazing power of creativity and clarity, Starry Jasper is the perfect stone to use if you want to inspire change and begin again. It is a crystal of resolve and perseverance.

Starry Jasper is also said to provide protection especially during travels – whether that be physical travel or even astral travel\projection! It is also said to help recall dreams and to contact loved ones that have passed on.

This piece of Starry Jasper is the perfect piece to use as a decoration statement in your home or in your crystal collection, and is a stone that is sure to get attention every time someone catches a glimpse of it!

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Weight 3.130 kg
Dimensions 16 × 30 cm