Sugilite Tumble Pendant


Sugilite is an amazing healing crystal that has a colour range from deep jelly purple to magenta. It is a rare stone to find, and was first discovered in Iwagi Islet in Japan. Since then, deposits have been found in South Africa (this being the main one), Australia, India, and Canada too.

Considered one of the most nurturing stones, Sugilite is known as the ‘love stone of the modern age’. It works exceptionally well with healing the emotional mind and making deep connections with your loved ones, allowing you to build your relationships on love, forgiveness, generosity and truth. It can also help to stop intrusive or unwanted thought patterns and co-dependency issues, as it is a great stone to use while dealing with heartbreak. Sugilite is also amazing for spiritual growth and transformation, and can help us to release negative spiritual attachments and past life trauma. It’s a stone of love, power, hope and support.

These Sugilite Tumble Pendants are between 2.5 – 4cm in size, and make the perfect piece of jewellry to have if you like unique and rare crystals! Please note that you will receive ONE (1) Tumble Sugilite Pendant with this purchase.

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