Sunstone A Tumbles


Sunstone is a burst of vitality, colour and energy all wrapped up into one crystal. Usually being found in warm shades of orange, gold, red and brown, Sunstone found its name due to its close resemblance of our sun.

Sunstone is perfect for people who feel that they enjoy the brighter, sunnier aspects of life. This crystal is said to harness the energy and powers of the sun, and it will surely bring a sense of sunshine and joy into your life. It is an instant mood brightener, leaving you radiating with optimism and a wonderfully balanced mind-set and positive attitude!

Sunstone works with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, encouraging us to feel and be more confident and expressive in all aspects of life. Sunstone helps to clear away any negative energy like sunshine chasing away dark shadows. It teaches us how to trust, how to communicate with ease, and encourages only the healthiest and happiest energy and relationships for its owner. It truly is a magical stone of pure, radiant sunshine!

The image provided is a typical example of our tumbled Sunstone crystals. With this purchase, you will receive ONE (1) tumbled Sunstone. Please note that sizes are approximate due to the uniqueness of all stones.

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