Tigers Eye Rough Golden Duo


Tigers Eye is a gemstone of protection, strength, vitality and inner confidence. It allows us to have the courage to take charge of our personal power and stand strong against emotional blocks. It’s bold, encouraging energy is hard to pass by without noticing!

Tigers Eye helps us to live more freely and boldly, encouraging us to go after what we want without fear and worry. The fierceness of this crystal, which we can see just from the beautiful golden shine, shows us that to live a confident and happy life, we must feel and do things that create that confidence and happiness within ourselves – making it an incredibly inspiring stone as well! Tigers Eye will give you the push you need to start creating the life you both desire AND deserve through balancing negative emotions and creating positive mental and emotional adjustments.

These two gorgeous pieces of Tigers Eye are the perfect pair, and make such an incredible decoration statement together. We simply just couldn’t sell one without the other – they’re meant to be with eachother!

With this purchase, you will receive two (2) pieces of rough tigers eye as a duo set. Items cannot be sold separately and must be bought as a pair.

Tigers Eye #1: Weight – 2.330kg. Length – 20cm. Height – 4.5cm

Tigers Eye #2: Weight – 0.495kg. Length – 11.5cm. Height – 3cm.

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Weight 2.825 kg