Tree Agate Tumbles


Tree Agate is a wonderful white or colourless crystal that displays fern or tree like impurities that are usually green or a shade of brown. It is a sister crystal of Green Moss and Dendritic Agate, which means that it holds a similar energy to the two crystals mentioned above.

Tree agate is amazing to use for grounding yourself and going after your biggest wishes and dreams in a strong, practical way. This crystal will bring you closer to Mother Earth and provides a shell of protection for your aura and energetic body, which helps to encourage self-expression with confidence! It will help you to find your way back to your roots and be more content and fulfilled with the smaller parts and things of life, thus making materialistic things seem not as important to live a happy life. This is truly the perfect stone to use to reconnect with nature, the world around us, and ourselves in the most simplistic and natural way possible!

The image provided is a typical example of our tumbled Tree Agate crystals. With this purchase, you will receive ONE (1) tumbled Tree Agate crystal. Please note that sizes vary due to the uniqueness of all stones.

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