Crop Circle Stone Tumbles


Crop Circle Stone, also known as just ‘Circle Stone’, is a natural form of flint that is found in crop circles, mainly in England. With its pretty earthy colours and appearance, this crystal is not often talked about, although it is very powerful and extremely unique!

Crop Circle Stones are known as “awakened stones”, meaning they get their unique vibrational patterns through the source of a higher intelligence. These stones are said to carry the vibrational patterns of crop circles and the meanings that they hold, and the energy it provides can help in reaching contact with the ‘creators’ of these crop circles. The energy in these stones are strong, determined, intelligent and a source of divine consciousness.

Crop Circle Stones work with the root, heart, third eye and crown chakras, and can act as powerful talismans, accelerating the path of one’s spiritual awakening and opening a connection for inner communication with your higher self and higher spiritual beings. It’s also said that these stones will help to open you up to the love and consciousness of the Earth around you.

The image provided is a typical example of our tumbled Crop Circle Stone crystals. With this purchase, you will receive ONE (1) tumbled Crop Circle Stone crystal. Please note that sizes vary due to the uniqueness of all stones.

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