Large Rough Lepidolite Piece


Lepidolite is connected to the heart, third eye and crown chakras, and is an incredibly stabilizing stone.

This stone is amazing to use when working towards balance and emotional healing. It helps us to let go of any patterns that we no longer need and eliminates any unhealthy thoughts and behaviours so that we can begin working towards a better self. Lepidolite is a crystal that helps to keep us strong and stable in a very gentle, soothing and nurturing way, working with us to move to a place of long-term healing and harmonious self-love. Lepidolite is great for people dealing with anxiety, depression, heartbreak and grief, as it gives a gentle nudge of energy to help bring the spark of life back to you.

These Lepidolite pieces are approximately 8-10cm in size. Please note that with this purchase, you will be receiving ONE (1) Lepidolite Rough piece.

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