Rainbow Fluorite Palmstones


A truly magnificent selection of Rainbow Fluorite palmstones!

Each beautifully polished piece is about 4cm in size, showing vibrant colours of green, purple and blue.

Rainbow Fluorite is a beautiful stone that has a very wide range of colours such as purple, blue, green, yellow and clear! This is an amazing crystal that steals the hearts of many crystal collectors, and it’s easy to see why! Apart from its stunning display of colours, Rainbow Fluorite also has incredible healing properties as well.

Fluorite is a fantastic stone known for its ability to aid with concentration and motivation, while sweeping out old stagnant energy and bringing in beautiful, fresh, new energy, which helps to aid anxieties and worries! It is also known as a big detoxifier for our energetic body and aura. If you feel as though you’re thoughts are scattered and you can’t quite seem to gather yourself again, Fluorite is the perfect crystal to get you back on your feet again and thinking clearly!

Rainbow Fluorite can also help to strengthen your intuition and connection with your guardian angels and spirit guides, keeping your physical body grounded while helping to elevate your spiritual self. Rainbow Fluorite may also help with enhancing your psychic abilities, and to help inspire you to be more creative in life!

Chakra: Crown / Heart
Hardness: 4 – 4.5

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