White Aragonite Cluster


Aragonite is an amazing ancient grounding crystal that holds a big amount of deep-rooted earth energy. It is a crystal that is often overlooked when compared with other more well-known crystals, but it has just as much powerful energy to give to you, and is truly a mesmerizing and energizing stone! Usually found in shades of brown, yellow, blue, white or even colourless! If left and not mined out beforehand, Aragonite also has the potential to gradually change to Calcite – which means it also shares the potential to hold those healing properties as well.

With all of its earth energy and its strong connection to the root chakra, you can imagine how good Aragonite is for grounding and re-centering yourself again when you feel a bit lost in the clouds – it helps to keep you steady and stable with your feet planted firmly on the ground. It’s also a great crystal to use to melt away any emotional fatigue or negative vibrations that may be clinging to you. It is a beautiful stone that radiates energy of warmth and stability, which helps it to promote integrity, balance and self-believe into our energetic body. Aragonite is also said to be a great stone for teenagers and young adults who are growing up and learning more about themselves and their emotions, as it helps to calm inner emotions that may make us feel slightly out of control or displaced in this world. It instead takes that frustrated energy and finds a more constructive way to put it to use – through learning the art of patience¬† and acceptance, and to help us let go of anger and emotional stress.

These gorgeous White Aragonite Clusters are so pretty and sparkly, and would be a great crystal for bringing peace and wisdom into your energy and life. They are mostly known for their calm and stabilizing energies, as the frequency of White Aragonite resonates most with the third eye and crown chakras.

With this purchase, you will receive ONE (1) White Aragonite Cluster.

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